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At Third Coast we have a vision to protect the greatest bodies of water on the planet, the Great Lakes. We are on a mission to cultivate a community that loves the Great Lakes as much as we do and that is going to ensure the next generation can enjoy everything the region has to offer. 

How Do I Apply?
Simply, email with your: Name and Social Media @Handle or fill out the form below.
What Do I Receive?
Every Third Coast Ambassador receives an exclusive Great Lakes Conservation Sticker and a unique discount code to share with your friends. Every 5 times your code is used you earn $15 in store credit!
How do I check my balance and redeem rewards?
You can check your balance and rewards anytime by emailing Each time your code is used in the shop, you will receive an email with your updated status. 
How do I use my rewards?
When your code has been used 5 times you will receive an email with your $15 gift card to be used in the store.

Join the community - Make an Impact - Create Change.